Rayka Mennen

A little bit of heat and a whole lot of love.

About Rayka Mennen

Welcome to my world of romance, laughter, magic, and some mayhem. I choose to write romance because I believe. If I’ve failed to see the little fairies dancing under the toadstools, it’s because I wasn’t looking hard enough. Romance – we encounter it every day. It’s there, in the sweet curve of a lover’s cheek, in the awkward hug of an undemonstrative husband, in the clasped hands of the elderly couple crossing the street. And if I can infuse a little bit of it into your life – so much the better.

I write for the sheer joy of creating and sometimes, in the process, discovering new worlds and friends. Be it in the country seat of the saturnine Duke, or in the slightly off center world of the reluctant witch, the humdrum existence of the forty-something single mom, the fantasy realm of shape-shifters and mages, or the deadly double-life of the secret agent, you’ll find something here to tickle your fancy, to fuel your daydreams or inspire your own fantasy.

Welcome to the world that I slip into every day despite the unrelenting tugs of life, my other career, and endless obligations. May you find respite or excitement, fantasy or laughter….whatever your heart desires.

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