Cover for Enchanted Desire

Whoa, screech, bounce, bounce. Can you tell how exited I am about this cover? A second fabulous cover from Heather Howland and Entangled Publishing. I’m almost afraid to write a third book. Can Heather beat these two?

Enchanted Desire

Destiny’s never been so dangerous.

Coming Dec 1, 2011 from Entangled Publishing.

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3 Responses to Cover for Enchanted Desire

  1. Yes, it is a gorgeous cover and I love how the font matches with the previous book. It should definitely help sales. Congrats!

  2. Angela Foster says:

    Hi Rayka,
    What a fabulous cover! I didn’t think anything could top the last one, but she did. The only bad news is that I have to wait until December to read it :-)

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